Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wed Feb 3rd

So for those of you who have horses, (which I don't think is any of my followers) roundpenning a green 2 year old colt is quite the workout. He was pulling on that lunge rope the entire time. Anyways Long story short. Wore my pedometer out there I was running in circles for 25 minutes and got in .42 miles. Not bad. Except I think I pinched a nerve in my shoulder. So I woke up in time to work out this morning, but didn't because my shoulder hurt so bad. But later in the afternoon I knew I had to do it. All I could think of was jillian saying "remember you have no idea what you can do until you try." So I did Jillian Trouble Zones and ran on the treadmill got 5.16 miles. It was def hard, with the shoulder and shin splints but gonna try some stretches today to make them go away. I need to get some pics on here!!! Anyways tata for now.


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