Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Feb 6th

Today I had a great run!!! I started with jillian trouble zones, and then I got a very rare treat. I got to run on the trail with no stroller full of kids!!! Woohoo!!! No stroller to push, I even got told by a couple of runners that I had a fast pace and they were impressed. I guess all of that stroller pushing really helps. Anyways I ran 7 miles. I forgot to check and see what time I left, but I think it took about an hour. Not bad. I think I see a 10k in the near future. Looking for one close by, was going to do the orting foothills race but it is on the same day as the hope for little hearts auction. Dang it!!! Oh well I will figure soemthing out. I am now only 20 miles behind where I should be to be caught up to the tall mom chalenge!!! Speaking of Tall Mom saw her and a old friend from high school on the trail, that was nice!!! Hope to see you guys again!!


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  1. Was GREAT to see you today melissa. So glad you got in a good stroller free run..