Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Progress since oct 2009

Well I took a bit of a break over Christmas!!! Bad Idea, gained 2lbs over Christmas!!! results not as good as before, but here they are none the less. Since October I have lost

and 8.5 inches total.

I have at least another 30 lbs to go, but I am trying to not go off of just lbs. That is why I am tracking inches also. This is a little hard for me to put out there, but I will. When I started I was a uncomfotable size 14. Now I am a almost comfortable 12. So with that said here are my fitness goals for 2010.

loose 30 lbs
be a comfortable size 8 by dec 2010
run a 10k
also going to join tall mom on the runs challenge to run 1000 miles in 2010. (Check out her blog www.tallmomontherun.blogspot.com her story is so inspiring!!!)

Going to post weight loss and inches lost achievements once a month. All other goals I wil give a update on fridays. (Which is another resolution to stay caught up on blogging!!!)

What are your fitness goals for 2010?

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  1. OK I had no idea you had a workout Blog.. Did you already send me your details to join the 1,000+++ club?? If you did I guess I did not realize.. Geeez I have been BUSY