Monday, January 25, 2010

Mon Jan 25th

Did my jillian shred level 3. I absolutely love, love, love level 3. It so energizing!!! After some calculations I realized at the end of last week I am 40 miles behind on my 1000 miles by the end of the year. Granted I started 2 weeks late but....yipes!!! So with that said I woke up this morning and decided to hit the trail, but jake was at work so I had to tote along Cammie Jean and Rafe. Well I tried to let rafe ride his bike, but he was just to slow, and kept saying his legs were tired.....after the first 300 feet. so we left the bike on the side of the trail and I was bound and determined to make it to the safeway in town, and get in some miles today. But instead Cammie Jean was screaming her head off by the time we reached the bridge. So we kept on trucking to schoenbachler hay, but she was still screaming so we had to turn around. Still screamin on the way back so we stopped at the bridge and I held her for awhile, let her walk around for awhile, held her hands......and yes I am that mom, I forgot her gloves. No wonder she was screaming, I mean with how fast I run and the wind just whipping her hands, I am surprised they are not wind chapped. (LOL. HAHAHAA) So long story short only got in a 5 mile joy run with a break in the middle. Not exactley what I was going for. But then again, I am a mom, and sometimes my workouts are all about them instead of me. That is just going to have to be ok for now. I guess it's my time and season for mommy workouts. All too soon those days will be gone and I will be aching to be pushing that stroller with the sounds of "look mommy a jet!!!" or "look at the river!!!"

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